Wilkinson Sword® Straight Edge Razor

A Traditional Barbershop Shave.

Our premium straight edge razor brings the traditional barbershop shave to the comfort of your own home. Wilkinson Sword Classic blades are triple coated and provide an incredibly close and comfortable shave while the vintage-inspired cool black wood-finished handle provides exceptional control for precision beard trimming and styling.

Close, comfortable shave

Features triple-coated stainless steel blades for an incredibly close and comfortable shave.

Expert control

Ideal for a complete shave as well as beard styling and trimming with an exceptional shaving control.

Easy to use

Effortless blade removal makes replacement a cinch.

Step 1

Carefully break or cut the blade lengthwise in the middle within the paper.

Step 2

Open the ledge and load the razor with the half blade by applying it directly to the dots and parallel to the edge. Fix it and close the ledge.