Wilkinson Sword® Shaving Soap Bowl

A Modern Twist on Barbershop Classics.

Our premium vintage Shaving Soap Bowl will ensure you experience the smoothest, most comfortable shave possible. A generously applied amount will soften your hair, while the moisturizing creamy lather enables the blade to glide effortlessly over the skin, reducing nicks and cuts, and keeping your skin moisturized and looking fresh long after you’ve finished shaving.

Lather Up with a Classic

Softens hair and helps razor glide to reduce nicks and cuts, while keeping your skin moisturized and looking fresh.

Expertly Crafted Since 1898

Bringing you an authentic barbershop experience for over 120 years.

Step 1

Shave immediately after taking a shower while your face is still warm and wet. Or simply soak a towel in warm water, and then wrap it around your face for about a minute. Prepare your face with the shaving soap, which will enhance razor glide and protect your skin.

Step 2

To create a rich lather, soak your brush under hot water and then give it a shake to remove some of the moisture.

Step 3

Use a twisting, plunging motion to aerate the soap until it creates a rich thick lather.

Step 4

Apply the lather to the face using circular motions, this will help exfoliate the skin and lift the hair.

Step 5

Once you’ve generously applied a shave prep, begin shaving with an ideal angle of about 30 degrees between the blade and the skin. Shave slowly and carefully, without apply too much pressure.