Wilkinson Sword® Double Edge Razor

A Traditional Barbershop Shave

Our double edge safety razors bring the traditional barber shop shave to the comfort of your own home. Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge blades are triple coated and provide an incredibly close and comfortable shave while the premium metal handle provides a sturdy, weighted feel with a vintage-inspired look.

Close, comfortable shave

Triple-coated, stainless steel Double Edge blades provide exceptional closeness.


#1 Selling Double Edge Razor Brand.*

Expert control

Features a premium long metal handle for stability.

Easy to use

Effortless blade removal makes replacement a cinch.

How to load the Double Edge Razor

Step 1

Twist the knob at the bottom of the handle, opening the butterfly enclosure.

Step 2

Unwrap a fresh blade from its wrapper and hold it by its short blunt sides. Simply place the blade into the butterfly enclosure and twist the knob to the right to secure the blade and close the doors.

Step 3

For safety store used blades back in the dispenser.