Intuition® Sensitive Care® Disposables Razors

The Disposable that Lathers and Shaves in One Easy Step

No need for shave gel or refills. With a built-in moisturizing bar, Intuition® Sensitive Disposables let you lather and shave in one easy step while also giving you the convenience of a Disposable Razor. Made with a touch of aloe, the Schick Intuition razor is a smooth-gliding 4-blade sensitive skin razor that hugs the contours of your legs and body for a close, smooth shave.

Gentle on sensitive skin

Hypoallergenic formula is dermatologist tested and made with a touch of aloe to soften skin as you shave.

Shaving’s never been easier

Built-in moisturizing bar lets you lather and shave in one easy step, without the need for shave gel.

Perfect for first-time shavers

4 wire-wrapped blades help to minimizes nicks and cuts, taking the worry out of shaving.

Curve-following design

4-blade pivoting head hugs the contours of your legs and body for closeness and comfort.

Made to travel

This travel razor with its slimmer design lets you enjoy the convenience of a disposable razor without compromising performance. Each pack includes three (3) disposable razors.