Intuition® Lemon Berry BreezeTM Refills

Lathers and Shaves in One Easy Step

No need for shave gel! This skin moisturizing solid lathers and shaves in one easy step. Made with natural fragrances and organic lemon, this smooth gliding 4-blade cartridge hugs the contours of your legs and body.

Size: 3ct.

Includes 6 refills

The easy-to-replace 4-blade cartridges are designed to hug the contours of your legs and body.

Shaving’s easier than ever

You can’t beat the convenience of a razor that lathers and shaves in one easy step with no need for shave gel.

Safe & easy

Perfect for first-time shavers.

Treat your skin right

C’mon now, you deserve it. Made with natural ingredients, the Intuition® moisturizing bar conditions skin while you shave. And Intuition® is perfect for first-time shavers, minimizing nicks and cuts and taking the worry out of shaving.

Smooth operator

The 4-blade pivoting head glides smoothly while giving you precise control over your shave.